The Covid-19 Survival Toolkit for the small business

Covid-19 is causing widespread devastation to small businesses. In times of crisis, speed is essential. The more existential the risks facing your business, the faster you need to move in order to cement your survival. To help you respond at speed to the coronavirus and its effects, we’ve developed a Covid-19 Survival Toolkit for the [...]

Get Government & Corporate support to survive CV-19: spend 5-min doing your bit

The impact of CV-19 on your business needs no introduction to you. Suffice it to say 75% of SME’s expect to lose 30% of revenue over the next 3-6 months, and 30% are at risk of running out of cash within 3 months. To help business owners everywhere, we’re advocating with Government and Big Business [...]

Why Founders are your biggest risk, and probably your only hope

And how to help them succeed as they scale by Shifting, Growing, Bolstering, and Aligning By Jason Goldberg It’s the eternal scale-up dilemma: What do we do about founders who fail to scale? Founders launch the innovative, game-changing businesses we need to make a dent in the existential crises facing mankind, but those very same [...]

Top 10 Hiring Land Mines for Scale Ups (Scaling A-Teams – Part 1)

Great companies become great by combining problems worth solving, amazing people that want to solve them, and a culture that fuels and rewards them. If you’re scaling, talent is nothing short of your bridge to the future. So what sort of destiny are you engineering? Building the team presents Scale Ups with one of the [...]

Top 12 Scale Up Lessons VC’s Want to Share With Entrepreneurs

Ever wondered what you could learn from people who work with the top 1-2% of high potential ventures, and see hundreds of early stage ventures mature over a decade or more? In September, SiMODISA ( did a quick poll on the top lessons Venture Investors in SA would love to share with entrepreneurs about Scaling [...]

The Science of Scaling Your Business Part 4: The Inner Game of 10X Entrepreneurs

Surprisingly, the disciplines that land up determining whether entrepreneurs Scale or fail are not (at root) business disciplines. Mostly, they are the personal disciplines that constitute ‘The Inner Game of 10X Entrepreneurs’. In the previous post, we described the 8 business disciplines of 10X Entrepreneurs. They are not rocket science but doing them requires resolute [...]

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