Top 12 Scale Up Lessons VC’s Want to Share With Entrepreneurs

Ever wondered what you could learn from people who work with the top 1-2% of high potential ventures, and see hundreds of early stage ventures mature over a decade or more? In September, SiMODISA ( did a quick poll on the top lessons Venture Investors in SA would love to share with entrepreneurs about Scaling [...]

The Science of Scaling Your Business Part 4: The Inner Game of 10X Entrepreneurs

Surprisingly, the disciplines that land up determining whether entrepreneurs Scale or fail are not (at root) business disciplines. Mostly, they are the personal disciplines that constitute ‘The Inner Game of 10X Entrepreneurs’. In the previous post, we described the 8 business disciplines of 10X Entrepreneurs. They are not rocket science but doing them requires resolute [...]

The Science Of Scaling Your Business Part 3: The 12 Disciplines Of 10x Entrepreneurs™

Founders that Scale Up generally do 12 things much better than successful start-ups who get stuck in No Man’s Land. These disciplines are observable and learnable and constitute ‘The Science of Scaling Up’. In my last post I shared the inadequacy of traditional management schools and books for Scale Up leaders. Traditional leadership know-how, valuable [...]

The Science Of Scaling Your Business Part 2: Why Business School And Jim Collins Won’t Help You Build A Great Business

The standard ‘schools’ of business leadership don’t cut it for Scale Ups: they lack the practical guidance and tools required to address the specific leadership challenges unique to Scale Ups. Yesterday I shared the primary danger facing successful start-ups: getting stuck in No Man’s Land by failing to adapt the way you run the business [...]

The Science Of Scaling Your Business Part 1: The 2 Paths Successful Start-Ups Take

Growing your business by >10X successful start-up scale is not for sissies. Success is so rare it’s become an elite club with a special name: Scale Ups (with the journey called ‘Scaling Up’). Scaling Up is where dreams get fulfilled, wealth gets created, and societies are impacted on a large scale. But even the very [...]

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