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If you’re planning to set strategy & goals for 2018 over the next few months, we’d like to help with some powerful, practical tools and advice. We’ll share a few nuggets of advice and guidelines on how to use the 10X Strategy Canvas, over the coming weeks. This is Tip no. 1 in that series.
Tip no. 1: Be number 1
If you’re planning to 10X your business, without question there are a handful of immutable laws. no.1 is simple:
Be number 1.
Build a business that will dominate your market segment, being the unquestioned leader in your space. It can even be a small space. But rather be number 1 in a smaller market than number 3 in a bigger market.
When you’re the leader, you simply have the forces of nature working for you. When you follow, they work against you. When you lead your market, more customers come to you, and stay with you, for with less marketing and sales effort. That means selling is easier and cheaper, and retaining customers is easier and cheaper. That means your margins are better, and your cash flows stronger. That means you can re-invest in things like talent, R&D and innovation, marketing, and creating an amazing environment to work. That means, you can have better people who’re more engaged, and better products that are better marketed. And that means, you stay number 1.
When you’re number 2, all the above works in precisely the opposite way, so you work harder, for less.
The data agrees. Most of the most valuable businesses in the world got there by dominating in their core business(es). They weren’t number 7, or number 3, or number 2. They were number 1.
Don’t hear me wrong. It’s not that number 7’s can’t become number 1’s, or vice versa. That happens all the time. But would you rather have a headwind, or a tailwind?
Choose the tailwind. Build a business that will be number 1.
So are you number 1 in your market, or on your way there?
More on how in the posts to come.
If you’re keen to become number 1, develop your 10X Strategy using our 10X Strategy Canvas. [Download the 10X Strategy Canvas here]
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Happy Scaling
The 10X Team