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10X-ing Your BusinessGoing from 1 to 10 staff, and from 10 to 100 staff are different worlds. The skills and knowledge required to scale 10X are totally different, and few scale up teams have them. That’s why 70% of successful entrepreneurs get stuck in No Man’s Land. If you’re scaling up and your team has never built and led a sizeable organisation before, the single most valuable investment you can make is acquiring cutting edge tools, skills and knowledge to scale a company. Because scaling up is a unique and acute business leadership challenge, generalist MBA’s and business management programmes are totally inappropriate for scale up teams. They’re too academic, slow, and time-consuming. We offer a ’Just-In-Time’ process to give your team the practical tools you need to put to work, for 10X a great business, with a time commitment that works for entrepreneurs. We also offer a variety of individual Boot Camps, company-specific scale up Workshops, and long term Programmes to help your team every step of the way.
10X Heritage10X-e was proudly created by Vumela and Edge Growth. Vumela is one of SA’s leading venture funds, capitalised by the FirstRand Group and the Jobs Fund. Edge Growth is an SME development form specialising in holistic, end-to-end ESD solution, including strategy and advisory, growth support, fund management, and programme management. Edge Growth has been investing in and growing SME’s since 2007. Through Edge Growth’s fund management activities in ASISA, Vumela and Action, more than 25 investments have been made into early stage, high growth ventures. In addition, Edge works with over 50 additional SME’s in corporate supply chains at any given time. "Edge Growth truly understands and caters for the needs of the corporate and those of the entrepreneurs. They have the ability to create practical ESD strategies and operational plans that are not only tailored to the individual entrepreneur but also yield tangible positive results within their respective businesses." – Boipelo Nkadimeng, EA to Executive Director Corporate Affairs & Transformation, South African Breweries Ltd.
10X LeadershipOur Leadership team bring a unique combination of strengths to bear in helping high growth entrepreneurial businesses. We are firstly experienced and successful entrepreneurs, secondly experienced SME investors who’ve journeyed with countless successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs, thirdly SME advisors, fourthly business growth consultants trained by the most prestigious business consulting firms in the world. 10X-e was born out of 10 years of Edge Directors’ work with talented entrepreneurial teams, as entrepreneurs in their own rights, investors, SME growth advisors, and entrepreneurship specialists. We are passionate about helping talented entrepreneurs succeed and noticed a glaring gap in the support system available to high growth entrepreneurs. Our intent is to plug this gap, and become one of the leading global partners to high growth entrepreneurs.

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10X Your Business

Get a Tailor-Made 10X Workshop for Your Business from South Africa’s leading scale up specialists. Our team has helped some of the country’s most exciting high growth businesses scale up and reach their maximum potential. We tailor make multi-day workshops to the specific needs of you, your team, and your business. Our workshops serve to address the most pressing challenges that your business faces, helping remove the hurdles towards 10X growth.

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10X Accelerator

Out of every 1,000 businesses, 10 have the potential to scale and create wealth. That’s just 1%. Of the elite 1%, 20-30% will make it to the Promised Land. The rest will get stuck in No Man’s Land – the Bermuda Triangle of growth. Because going from a successful start-up / small business to a scaled enterprise is a herculean task, most Entrepreneurs (even the top 1%) are simply not tooled up for.

If you’re on the Path To Scale and want to BEAT that statistic, not BE that statistic, the 10X Accelerator is for you. We believe it’s the world’s most powerful platform to give you the tools and knowledge you need to 10X your business.

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10X Mentors

If you’re a seasoned entrepreneurial CEO, you are also an elite entrepreneurial mentor.
Contribute to SA’s future by helping SA’s elite young entrepreneurs succeed on the Path To Scale and job creation.
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10X Entrepreneurs

The 12 Disciplines Of 10X Entrepreneurs

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The Team

Jason Goldberg

Founder of 10XE, Founding Director of Edge Growth, Co-Founder of Vumela Fund
B.Sc Electrical Engineering; Post Graduate B.Phil in Sustainable Development
Full Bio

Wayne Hartmann

Programme Director
Applied Directorship Programme, B.Commerce, B.Sc Engineering
Full Bio

S’onqoba Vuba

BSc Mathematical Sciences, BSc Honours Actuarial Science, Faculty & Institute of Actuaries (UK)
Full Bio

Monique Chaitezvi

Marketing & OPS Manager
BA: Journ. & Media Studies; Post-grad. Diploma in Media Management; Executive MBA
Full Bio

Lesedi Khumalo

Executive Assistant
BSC: Biochemistry and Human Physiology, Postgraduate Diploma in Management
Full Bio

Paul Green

BSc (Hons) Mechanical Engineering – University of Zimbabwe, MBA – Said Business School, University of Oxford
Full Bio

Board of Advisors

Daniel Hatfield

Managing Director of Edge Growth
B. Sc Electro-Mechanical Engineering; B.Comm (Financial Accounts); CFA Level 3

Stuart Townshend

Director, Edge Growth
Education: B. Com Economics (R.A.U); PDM Wits Business School

Jayesh Nair

Director, Edge Growth
B. Phys Ed (Hons), Wits; PDM in Financial Management and Computer Programming; MBA, GIBS

Rod Fehrson

Retired CEO and Business Consultant
B.Com B.Acc CA (SA)

Heather Lowe

Head of Enterprise & Supplier Development, FNB
Diploma in Technology and Innovation, the Da Vinci Institute

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