Scale the Google Way with OKRs



From 25 February 2021






What we will cover in the Lab:

  • Introduction to Scaling The Google Way
  • The Strategy Hourglass & Execution Funnel
  • Introduction to Objectives and Key Results
  • Defining Strategic Key Results
  • Defining Strategic Initiatives
  • Implementation of Objectives and Key Results
  • Aligning your Organisation with OKRs
  • Developing Strategy Aligned OKRs
  • OKR Software Support

What you can expect:

  • Practical know-how, tools and coaching
  • In-depth diagnostic of your business’ growing pains and your strategic capability
  • Opportunity to plan/take actions to close these gaps
  • Access to world-class book summaries on execution
  • Access to a library of examples and guidance
  • Understand the OKR system and implement it in your own business
  • The opportunity to develop OKRs for your own business and cascade them through your business
  • Guidance on coaching staff through the OKR system
  • Interact with like-minded CEOs/entrepreneurs using this system


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