Path to Scale: A Master Class to 10X Your Business (Zambia)



3 – 4 March 2020




Venue: Lilayi Lodge
Area: Lilayi Road, Lusaka 10101, Zambia



Come learn ‘The 12 Disciplines of 10X Entrepreneurs™’ –  the tools and techniques the world’s greatest entrepreneurial leaders employ to manage The Path To Scale. 

This 2-day Path to Scale Boot Camp will empower entrepreneurial executives with an understanding of the little-known science of scaling up, including:

  1. The core growth constraints – the unexpected forces that exponentially  increase chaos as your business  grows
  2. The 12 Disciplines of 10X  Entrepreneurs™  –   the tools &  techniques that skilled Scale Up leaders use to build the right foundations for scale and overcome the constraints to growth
  3. The 10X Entrepreneur™ Operating  System  –  a systematic approach to scaling up by applying the 12 disciplines of 10X Entrepreneurs

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