10X Talent: From Lottery Hiring to Systematically Hiring A-Players

R6,400.00 Excl. Vat


  • The top 10 recruiting landmines for Scale Ups
  • 5 critical principles for high success rate recruiting
  • How to build a recruiting system that predictably achieves a high recruiting success rate
  • How to prepare for an effective hiring process
  • How to source a high volume of quality candidates
  • How to dramatically increase screening efficiency
  • How to conduct interviews that help you make quality hiring decisions


This 1-day Boot Camp will empower entrepreneurial executives with a practical toolkit for building an A-Team, by covering:

  • Recruiting Pitfalls – Why traditional recruiting approaches don’t work, & lead to having 50% or fewer A-players.
  • Proven hiring techniques – Tools to build a team of 75%-90% A-players.
  • The Scaling Talent System – How to institutionalise world class recruiting practices


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