Designing Your Performance Management System For Scale (Digital)

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JASON GOLDBERG. Entrepreneur, Investor, Scale Up Strategist and Scale Up CEO Partner.



Online: Teachable



Are you struggling to keep your growing team aligned, focused, and accountable? It’s inevitable as you grow that things get chaotic and out of control. You need smart tools to keep your team clear on priorities, aligned on roles, ‘in sync’, engaged and accountable. That’s the role of Performance Management (PM) done well.


  • The latest thinking on Performance Management;
  • The key debates on what works and what doesn’t;
  • The key design decisions you need to make;
  • Guidelines to make those design decisions;
  • The performance management philosophy and practices we think work best for most scale-ups;
  • The process to implement performance management;
  • Tips on do’s and don’ts when implementing PM for the first time.


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