10X Culture Nurturing High Engagement and Performance

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06 August 2019


R6,400 (exc VAT)


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Venue: The Capital Empire Hotel
Area: 177 Empire Place, Sandton , Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa



Most of us know that culture is a key driver of business performance. If you plan to 10X your business, you simply can’t do it without a high-performance culture. However, ‘culture’ is a nebulous concept. What is it? And how practically do you nurture a high- performance culture?

If you’re committed to 10X-ing your business through a 10X Culture and want a practical toolkit to do that, join us to learn the leadership tools that will enable you to attract the right people and galvanize them in a high performing culture your competitors can’t replicate.


  • The 2nd Law of Culture Dynamics: the inevitability of Cultural entropy;
  • The physics of Culture;
  • The building blocks of 10X Cultures;
  • The Culture Leadership Process & Toolkit.


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