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The single biggest delusion in business is that you can grow a valuable business without true FOCUS.

Apple’s philosophy:

We are the most focused company that I know of or have read of or have any knowledge of. We say no to good ideas every day. We say no to great ideas in order to keep the amount of things we focus on very small in number so that we can put enormous energy behind the ones we do choose.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

Businesses that scale by 10X start by delighting customers. They are sales magnets because they are remarkable. That’s the outcome of a winning strategy: a repeatable formula to be remarkable. If you are not remarkable, your strategy needs work before you can 10X your business!

Our 1-day Boot Camp will give you the winning growth strategies designed specifically for early stage, fast growing companies. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn from experienced strategists who focus on early stage scale ups.

Come get the strategy tools to be remarkable, delight customers, and 10X your business.

  • The essence of growth strategy
  • How good and bad strategy play out in the practical day-to-day experience of running your business;
  • The 10 Elements of 10X Strategy
  • How to position yourself to dominate your market
  • How to build a coherent strategy to win, at scale
  • Tools to formulate your 10X Strategy
  • The Lean Strategy process: how to do great strategy in the real world of building a business
  • 10X Strategy hacks: how to do great strategy, on the cheap, in a Scale Up context

Facilitator:  JASON GOLDBERG . Entrepreneur, Investor, Scale Up Strategist and Scale Up CEO Partner



R2,900 (exc VAT)



We have moved our Boot Camp offering onto an online platform called Teachable. You will receive an invitation to access the respective online Boot Camp via Teachable after registration.


  • You will be able to VIEW the pdf workbook for the relevant course on Teachable. This is for reference purposes only and we encourage you to open the pdf workbook in a separate window. You WILL NOT be able to download, print or copy workbooks. Detailed instructions have been left in each Boot Camp course on Teachable on how to open the pdf workbook in a separate window.
  • 10X will email registered delegates a pdf version of the EXERCISES for each particular Boot Camp which delegates can print at home/at your office and do the exercises while completing the online course.
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