10X Align

Prepare Your Team For Scale. Get Them Amped For The 10X Road, And Ready For The Changes Required. Make sure your 10X journey doesn’t get derailed by a team that’s not mentally and emotionally prepared for the changes that come with growth. Give them a 2-day abridged version of the Path To Scale Boot Camp, [...]

10X Leadership

Build a Leadership Culture That Multiplies Team Performance. Get more mojo, passion, energy, creativity, loyalty & results from your team, and build a more engaged and high performing culture, by intentionally building a leadership culture that unlocks & multiplies talent. DURATION: 1 day COST: R25k (excl. VAT)  

10X Teams

Unlock 10X Team Performance using FLOW to Get Your Yeam ‘In The Zone’. Science shows that people deliver 10X the outcome when they play to strengths and ‘get in the zone’ or FLOW. Set yourself up to maximise FLOW by understanding your team’s core energy and how to harness that in the context of your [...]

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