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The #1 make-or-break issue in Scaling Up is building the right team.

Building an A-team is easy when you’re a team of 10 or 15. The challenge is doing it as you scale beyond that.

The dilemma is you can’t afford hiring mistakes, yet you have to delegate hiring to relatively inexperienced hiring managers! Being involved in every hiring decision no longer works as you scale, despite best intentions. That means you’ll have young, busy managers making key hiring decisions.  That’s risky. Recruiting just 2 or 3 B-players can fundamentally ham-string your growth trajectory, because B-players recruit C-players, the weakest link brings down company performance, and it’s all downhill from there.

This 1-day Boot Camp will empower entrepreneurial executives with a practical toolkit for building an A-Team, by covering:

  • Recruiting Pitfalls – Why traditional recruiting approaches don’t work, & lead to having 50% or fewer A-players.
  • Proven hiring techniques – Tools to build a team of 75%-90% A-players.
  • The Scaling Talent System – How to institutionalise world class recruiting practices


  • The top 10 recruiting landmines for Scale Ups
  • 5 critical principles for high success rate recruiting
  • How to build a recruiting system that predictably achieves a high recruiting success rate
  • How to prepare for an effective hiring process
  • How to source a high volume of quality candidates
  • How to dramatically increase screening efficiency
  • How to conduct interviews that help you make quality hiring decisions

And more!


06 June 2019




The Focus Rooms, Sunninghill, JHB


R5,900 (exc VAT)


  • 3 for the price of 2 from the same company
  • 20% discount if you register by 06 May 2019



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