X-Ray Your Business’s Scalability & Critical Growth Constraints to Get Advanced Notice on What Will Trip You up as You 10X Your Business.

Most founders are strong in 1 or 2 areas, and complete novices in at least 5 or 6 areas that are critical to 10X a business. And most scale up teams don’t yet have critical masses of diverse leaders to cover all bases. That makes scaling a gamble. Empower yourself with insight on your company’s most important gaps.

You will conduct an online Growth X-Ray. A Growth Guru will then interview each of your founders/senior leaders and prepare an output report.

The 10X Growth Guru will then facilitate a 1⁄2 day workshop to provide feedback on findings and give recommendations on how to address key growth constraints.

DURATION: 1 week
COST: R50k (excl. VAT)