10X Strategy – Being a magnet for sales at scale (Digital)

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JASON GOLDBERG. Entrepreneur, Investor, Scale Up Strategist and Scale Up CEO Partner.



Online: Teachable



Come get the strategy tools to be remarkable, delight customers, and 10X your business.

  • The essence of growth strategy
  • How good and bad strategy play out in the practical day-to-day experience of running your business;
  • The 10 Elements of 10X Strategy
  • How to position yourself to dominate your market
  • How to build a coherent strategy to win, at scale
  • Tools to formulate your 10X Strategy
  • The Lean Strategy process: how to do great strategy in the real world of building a business
  • 10X Strategy hacks: how to do great strategy, on the cheap, in a Scale Up context


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