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Designing Your Performance Management System For Scale (Digital)

Online - Teachable

Are you struggling to keep your growing team aligned, focused, and accountable? It’s inevitable as you grow that things get chaotic and out of control. You need smart tools to keep your team clear on priorities, aligned on roles, ‘in sync’, engaged and accountable. That’s the role of Performance Management (PM) done well. FOCUS AREAS [...]

10X-ecution: Proactively Managing Performance Excellence, at Scale (Digital)

Online - Teachable

 If running your business feels like being inside tornado and business performance is a lottery, you’re not alone. Growth produces chaos. Change accelerates. Uncertainty multiplies. Problems compound. And stress accumulates. The good news is that this is all a normal part of growth and there is a science to transforming the chaos into flow. [...]

10X Strategy: Building a magnet for sales (Digital)

Online - Teachable

 The single biggest delusion in business is that you can grow a valuable business without true FOCUS. Apple’s philosophy: We are the most focused company that I know of or have read of or have any knowledge of. We say no to good ideas every day. We say no to great ideas in order [...]

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